Object fly away when i approaching it

when i attack or approaching another character it may fly away =-= I’ve already set query only but it still happend.Could someone tell me what i should do?Thanks a lot!

Hey there @anonymous_user_95fd0ece! Welcome to the community! I need a little bit more information on how you set up your characters, the meshes, and depending on if you have any impulses, the game logic!

My usual answer would be as you said, to set the object to custom collisions, and to query only.

Since you had already tried that, it could be that your character’s capsule or another collision is causing the contacts. If possible, could you show me the “flying away”, the collision settings, and hierarchy for your character BP? It might help determine where your issue lies.

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Thanks for your reply,I also think that it’s indistinct to describe the question. I wonder if it’s possible to upload a video on the website.
Anyway,my collision wouold be like this

I have solved,my weapon leads to the problem=-= thanks a lot for your help!

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