Object doesn't reappear

I’ve set up an inventory system that hides the actor and disables all of its collisions when its picked up by the player.
But whenever the player wants to drop the object, the object is placed in front of the player, revealed and its collisions enabled.

This works fine when the object has no physic simulating, but I don’t want the object to just float in midair. Its suppose to relocated in front of the player and fall on the ground with simulated physics.

Is there a reason why the nodes “Set Actor Hidden In Game” and “Set Actor Enable Collision” dont work if the object actor has simulating physics on its static mesh? It works fine when I’m hiding the object and disabling all its collisions, but it doesn’t seem to the work the other way around. The item is moving to the new desired location (I know that because I’m tracking the billboard root component of the object actor) but its not ‘un-hiding’ in game nor enabling all its collisions when dropped.

Hey buddy,

Is there a reason you want to keep the items invisible? It might be an easier option to store them in a list and then respawn them when you want to drop them

The issue with using the destroy actor and spawn actor nodes is that it spawns an entirely different item of the same class. The issues that come with that is that I if the item changed before being picked up, like durability lets say, the respawned item won’t have those altered values.
Also since the item is a child, I had to manually change its static mesh and physics settings. The object is spawned with the former but not with the latter, so it ends up not simulating physics and floats in midair when respawned.