object detaching on render?

I have a camera blueprint that I’ve attached to a FirstPersonCharacter and I’m feeding the camera output to a screen. I have another camera pointed at the screen and I’m trying to render a sequence from that camera. But when I try to render, the attached camera blueprint is automatically detached from the FirstPersonCharacter, so I get a render from the fixed original position of the actor. After render the camera blueprint remains detached in the WorldOutliner.

Why is this happening?

i dont use blueprints a lot
but when just using the sequencer alone, I’ve had a lot of issues with parenting unless the objects are in the same level

Hi Yuujin. Thanks.

The objects are on the same level. It’s a really simple test file. It’s actually not just the sequencer, so maybe I’m asking in the wrong place. Saving unattaches the object as does pushing the play button.

Excuse me, I’m a beginner in UE. I’m coming from 3dsmax, so there I’d script it or use a constraint. What are the other ways to have an object follow another in UE?

might be samples in that 3rd person blueprint for a following camera
but I haven’t tried, nor do i really understand blueprints yet

Thanks anyway. I need to go through the basic tutorials again.