Object collision channel problems

I dont know why my character is falling through everything

  • I created a new object response channel set to block by default
  • set all collisions on character to ignore
  • set the new object response channel to block on the character

The platforms block the new object response channel as well as the character, why would they fall through each other

When i set worldstatic to block on character it stops it falling through but the new object response channel is causing the falling

I’m not quite clear on exactly what you are saying here, so just to check:

You set your character to ignore all channels except this one object channel. Then you (I assume) set something to this object channel and told it to block the character. But, it does not block the character. Is that is what is happening?

The first things off the top of my head would be simply to double check that the object in its own details panel is truly set to be the new object type and also to check that the mesh (if that is the blocking component) has collision set up.

EDIT: Rereading, you seem to want some third object (this platform) to also block both the character and the new channel. Make sure that all the character, the new channel, and the third object are all set to block each others’ channels.

Block, of all the interaction types, has the lowest priority. This means, for example, that if channel A is set to ignore/overlap channel B but channel B is set to block A, then the game will use the ignore/overlap. Both channels have to be set to block each other if you want them to block.