Object attachment and movement

Hi. I’m trying to figure out how to have an insect attach to the player character and run along its mesh, like a real insect might.
Any ideas on how to accomplish this? The insect would need to be able to move freely.

I still need help with this. Anyone have a suggestion?

So, the moving along its mesh part is a bit complicated. Do you need this to be fully dynamic (can happen anywhere and take any path) or can you fake it? (Only a few spots where the paths are precomputed).

The pathways to achieve either or would differ almost tremendously.

  1. code way, you have to get the insect to trace and move around/adjust based on the trace results.

  2. animation way, you create a (non root but like root) animation that is specific to the place in question, attach the bug to a socket at that location and play one of a few random animations that fit that location.

Path 2 is usually the quickest thing to accomplish but requires more time in the animation department.
Path 1 is more dynamic, but takes a bit to code properly.