Object animation?

Having used matinee since the dawn of time and now it seems to crash each time I open the editor and try to input keys!

My question is I need to do a simple animation where a cylinder falls of a table and on to the ground, I’ve tried doing this through BPs but I’ve been following a simple door tutorial that doesn’t show how to move objects in a range of different motions, using multiple key frames, is there a decent straightforward tutorial for this anywhere that you’d recommend?

Try doing this in Sequencer instead, should be pretty easy.

I’m currently using 4.12.5, does that have a functional version of sequencer?

You can click on Cinematics and see if it’s there. But there have been a lot of bugfixes since 4.12.

Thanks for that yes it does seem to be in there.

I just wish there was a way to copy that original matinee across from my old project that’s also on 4.12.5, I wouldn’t have to faff about with it.