OBJ version option missing

I’m working with 3rd party apps requiring an older (2014) version of OBJs, hasn’t been a problem selecting this option in the RC dialogue on export. Now it’s missing, no options:

Was this lost in an auto update? 



hello, could you please specify what options are exactly missing and where? thank you

By Format Version I click on the downward arrow, usually opens to a list of format versions, in this case for OBJ. I’m needing to use the 2014 version, but there’s now only one version listed, the one in the pasted snip. I tried to snip the list, but that dropdown closes when I switch over to Snip. I’m running 3ds Max 2015 to batch process hundreds of parts in chunk mesh to add Smoothing Group, essential to my workflow. Thanks for looking into it.


you can make the screenshot by pressing the PrtSc on your keyboard and pasting it for example into Paint or a Word document, just expand the drop-down menu and click the button

I think I may have resolved this issue. Rewind - had run into problems in a workflow to repair a mesh in ZBrush, to save time starting over was forced into importing to RC an OBJ that was already in 2014, which I’m now thinking affected the option for a Format Version on subsequent export. The reason I believe this might be the case, I found a workaround for adding this Smoothing Group in Maya, exported as FBX, see all the versions listed there. I can confirm, but it appears RC limits the version format options when you import an older version to begin with for reprojection. Thanks for the prompt response, believe I’m good now.