OBB Download Issues {From 4.11 Preview Thread}

From ze other thread:

So one minor update, we managed to fix the issue with the sign in not-working on the downloaded version of the game. By the looks of it you need to hook up both the default SHA-1 Key and the Distribution Key that you can find using adb.exe - and add them as OAuth-ID’s to the project in the Google Developer Console.

So I guess this could also be related to “.apk verification failure” error was being thrown up and the .obb file wasn’t downloading too. We’ll give that part a test tomorrow!

Hi TheJamsh,

Yes, please post your results; it does seem likely if failed the authentication.

So this is weird, even if we uncheck that box - It now always downloads from Google Store as one package. We did some digging around and found this post which indicates that the first few times you upload your package to the store - it doesn’t download the .obb correctly.

It seems as if that progress bar I was referring too only checks the validity of the .obb file you download from the store, it doesn’t actually download it (which is what I thought it was supposed to do). Such confuse.

Hey TheJamsh,

I can’t help out with your current situation, hopefully it is something you are able to resolve and are willing to share back with us. I was hoping however, that you can help explain how to write the code, or the procedure(s) needed, so that your (any) game will actually download the OBB as an expansion file. With the Google Play limitations (100mb) and the excessive size of the UE4 combined (.apk & OBB) package, I would love to learn how to do this so I can split up my file(s) and in return, cut my project size in half.

Thanks for the assistance,