Oaths of Light - Kickstarter release

Hello everyone,

We are a French indie studio of 5 passionates, and we’ve been working on our game prototype on unreal engine 4 for a year. Today we are happy to tell the world our Kickstarter campaign has started!

If the project has been self funded so far, we need a last little push to be able to release a nicely polished game that will both feel nice to us, developers and to our future players.

The game is an RPG with a turn by turn realtime combat system built from scratch from a customised version of Unreal 4.24 engine. It tells the story of Eden, a 17 year old girl that lives with her mother in her village. At 17, every inhabitant of Meadran kingdom is summoned to the capital to pledge loyalty to the monarchy and assist the ceremonies of the Oaths of Light. But lately there has been unusual sights of creatures in the forests and worrying reports of the village hunters. So Eden decides to investigate and will find disturbing things before leaving her village to the capital and enlist unwillingly in a fate much bigger than her.

If you wish to give it a look, check out our Kickstarter page for videos/pictures and details about the game and us here:

Do not hesitate to support us if you wish to, but most importantly help us spread the word.

Thank you very much!


I really like where this is going! I’m sure you’ll get funded. Either way, this is a game, right away, that can be seen to steal young hearts and old souls really quickly. Great work guys!

The gameplay and art looks great