Nyx..The Shadow Manipulating Chameleon trained in the Haijun Arts

Dev Blog #1

Stealth/Action SideScroller of a Ninja Chameleon with Shadow Abilities

Welcome! I would like to share a project that we have been working on for about a year now.


Nyx the Haijun Chameleon possess both the martial arts, strength, and finesse of the Haijun while attempting to learn the Shadow Arts under the guidance of his human partner Jazzmine. One fateful day Nyx gets captured during one of his escapades and is taken across the Syterran Desert World to a secret cave. It is here that Nyx breaks free using newfound strength and his goal is to return across the outstretched desert to return to the Haijun Dojo.


-Side-Scroller Stealth/Action Game with 3D Models and Assets

-Camouflage with your surroundings to avoid Enemy Detection

-Use different strategies to avoid/eliminate different enemies ranging from a Sand Pirate to a Mongoose, to a Snake and more.

-Use your Haijun finesse to maneauver levels and avoid natural/artificial traps meant to kill Nyx

-Improve on your Shadow Abilities to increase mobility, attack, or stealth depending on your desired style of play

-Collect Crickets and sell them to improve on your Shadow Abilities and gain different outfits (skins) for Nyx

About Us:
We here at MoonRift are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to creating immersive and engaging games. We started out together as strangers a few years ago but have come a long way in learning about the game dev process. Nyx will be our first game release, but we plan on creating and releasing many more in the future.

Personally, I love all variations of games from Final Fantasy, Starcraft, ARK Survival Evolved, Left4Dead, Mario Kart, Banjoo Kazooie, Sims, Sims City, Witcher, and more. The game that impacted me the most as a child was Kingdom Hearts. Like many game devs I’ve always wanted to join the industry and now this me doing it. But enough about myself, check out our (updating) website and post if you have any questions or just want to let us know what you think so far.

We will continue to post updates so stay tune.

Link to Website:

Dev Blog Update #2

Dev Blog #2

Check out Nyx!

We are currently making a lot of progress in finishing up CORE mechanics and starting to shape and fill our demo level. We will keep you posted!! Thank you all, please share if you like it.
CannonLeg Pierson!

Progress of the Reticle Design and In-Game

Current Progress: Enhancing and Finishing Rigs of Characters (Mongoose, Bird, Snake, Nyx), AI patrolling and chase development, Building of Demo Level and Traps, Sneak Draft Beginning

Link to Website: