Nyx Kickstarter is Live!

Dev Blog #16 (Kickstarter Launch)

The Kickstarter is officially live!! We are proud to present .

Link to Kickstarter:

Link to Kickstarter:

Demo Build is now Available on our Kickstarter Page!!

Looks cool. Good luck.

Hi MoonRift Team,

Nix the Chameleon looks good. After viewing the video and reading the following quote on the Kickstarter:

The old school arcade game Mouse Trap came to mind. Its a maze game in which you move a mouse through a maze eating cheese and avoiding cats. The maze has three sets of color-coded doors, which the player can open or close by pressing the corresponding buttons in order to block the cats’ approach. It makes for interesting game mechanics.

I thought to myself, Chameleons change color to blend into the environment, SO WHAT IF, the player had to switch between Nix’s colors: blue, red, green, etc to blend in. I would anticipate colored backdrops/lights/shadows placed strategic in the level in which Nix could blend in. The player would have to select the correct color to be invisible, otherwise he would be seen. Dependent on the color mismatch, he would be seen faster or slower than normal.

I think it would be an interesting stealth mechanic and introduce others mechanics by manipulating the ability and color to switch. Anyways, Nix is looking like fun. Good Luck to you on the KickStarter Campaign.