Nyko - Core Controller for Nintendo Switch Editor support?

Hi, I’m currently trying to use the Nyko Switch Controller for developing my but I just cannot get it to work.
I have tried

  • using x360ce at D:\Epic Games\UE_4.24\Engine\Binaries\Win64 but the “create dll file popup” didn’t show at all where is shows at D:\Epic Games\Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64 and the project directory.

  • using reWASD but Unreal still refuses to detect it as Gamepad.

  • RawInput plugin which has no effect on the controller at all.

Please help, I’m at wits’ end here.

try coping x360ce ini file to bineries

I tried that and the “create dll file” popup shows but when play it in the editor, it still not registering inputs