NYC - VR-Demo Consultant needed - 3/18 and 3/19

Looking for NY area VR-Demo Consultant

Interesting in finding a competent, reliable, local consultant to support and assist with several custom VR demos leveraging Unreal / Oculus covering a Fri 3/18 and Sat 3/19 timeframe in Manhattan.

Does not require development skills but enough familiarity with the setup to run and help support it.

Skills Needed:
· Experience working with Windows 7, 8.x through 10. (Win 10 preferred but it should run on Win 7)

· Experience using Apps/Games built on Unreal Engine (ver 4.10)

· Loading, running, stopping, starting for viewers (development experience not required)

· Experience using Oculus VR headset including its setup/connections and getting appropriate NVidia driver loaded.

· Capable of lifting 50 lbs. as well as bending and squatting long enough to move and setup a VR computer system (plug in the peripherals properly) (Power, Display, Oculus, USB controller, keyboard/mouse, auxillary USB disk)

· Excellent English communications skills ability to effectively communicate and troubleshoot with West-Coast technical developers if necessary to resolve issues.

· Candidate needs to have a cell phone to coordinate with us during this time.

Machine Details:
· Bonus: If selected candidate owns and can supply their own robust VR machine (capable of running complex scenes at 60-90 FPS in UnReal / Oculus ) then we are prepared to pay an additional rental fee for candidate services and two days of machine rental.

· Target machine should have HD screen, WIFI (In case downloading a driver or patch is needed) keyboard, mouse, minimum Graphics Card specs of NVidia GTX 960, with two HDMI outputs (1 for Display 1 for Oculus) and at least 8 Gb Ram.

· Machine needs to need to have 75 Gb of free disk space as we expect to copy Engine and Game Map from a USB disk to the machine’s internal hard drive so it loads and runs with good frame-rate performance.

· Both demos will be located in the same theater (it’s part of an ongoing film festival). We are not paying for travel, transportation, hotel expenses, machine shipping costs or per-dium .

· Candidate needs to be onsite from around 1PM-9PM on Friday and from 2PM-9PM on Saturday

Please send pay requirements if you’re interested and available to