NYC-Based UE4/C++ Contract Project

We’re building a VR experience for a New York helicopter tour company and need some C++ expertise to bring a few final features to our initial release. In particular we need somebody with C++ experience to add an in-game camera which would allow users to post screenshots onto Facebook. This work will include adding user login/logout functionality in addition to some file I/O required for saving out in-game screenshots locally. Must be able to meet periodically in our NYC office.

Team Name:

Team Structure:
Gaspard Girou - Founder, 10 years
Taha Alkan - 3D Artist, 3 years
Mike Beene - Designer, 6 months

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
UE4 Developer with C++ Proficiency
Experience with networking/social media integration
Experience with file I/O
Expected to create custom Blueprint nodes to incorporate into our existing project (and future projects)


Gaspard Girou