NYC area UE4 expert needed to help with experimental project

I’m new to using Unreal Engine and need an expert to help this weekend or next weekend on an experimental project I am doing for my company. I’m hoping to hire someone that can help sort out UV light map bug’s, can help with some basic C++ interactions within a VR environment, this is not a game we are working on but more of an architectural visualization project, with some interactions: Changing material options on walls, streaming marketing communications withing the environment, interacting with product within a retail type space.

I’m hoping you can join me in my office downtown NYC this weekend or next. State of the art building and equipment, just need someone who knows ALOT about Unreal. If you think you can help reach out! Thank you

Hi, John, I’m a C++ programmer and also the host and organizer for the Unreal Meetup groups for NYC and Philadelphia. I would love to help you in your project. Although all my work in VR is for Google Daydream VR, hopefully my experience can translate for the Rift or Vive. You can message me in the forums or email me at .


I’m good at u.v lighting and understand technical issues, and highly skilled in UE4. Only problem is I wouldn’t want my work reviewed and a basis for others to learn without royalty. So if I made something It’ll be compiled already or plug-in completed for your business.