NVPack - license problem


i installed (fresh install) the latest NVPack (including SDK, NDK, JDK, …) and have linked the correct folders in my project settings → platform → Android SDK. When i try to accept the SDK license, i get an error that the license file is not accessible. When checking in the corresponding NVPack → androis-sdk-windows folder, there is no license subfolder present. Am i checking in the wrong location?


NVPack ue5
install java P.S 331 the current version… or complete with android studio there is some java I do not remember

install android studio Download Android Studio & App Tools - Android Developers
and setting Android packaging problem - #4 by dev.ue.games

hi, i also have android studio installed already. As the Java SDK was part of the NVPack, why would i install the Java SDK again?