nVidia's Apollo 11 Demo is released!

If you have a Maxwell GPU (GTX 970 or higher), you can check out their VXGI technology and the incredibly impressive lunar landing scene.

Check out the link on this blog to find and download it. No editor version unfortunately (annoying, I wanna see how they did that foil), but of course that would mean it’d come with VXGI source code, and that’s never gonna happen. You can also preview the various components that make up the scene, such as the voxels for example, and even change the time of day.

Incredible technology!

Love how they angled this. Those tinfoil wearing guys will have something to discuss now:)

Yeah I know this all too well, my father is among that group of skeptics… One more reason to buy a 980, Just so I can prove him wrong :smiley:

Hope to get my new 980 soon, I’m waiting for the ASUS Strix to be released, I’m a huge fan of ASUS products, I have never had anything go wrong with any component in my past 3 PC’s. Not to mention their products are usually the top tier in benchmarks…

What brands do you guys use, I think Gigabyte was the only one available in the beginning. Also what are your thoughts on the 980’s? how good is the card after using it for a couple weeks now James?

EDIT: Also TheJamsh - How is the performance while running that demo on your 980? I would be really interested to know how goo the FPS were while using all the new vxgi etc features. Thanks!

I couldn’t get the console up and figure out the FPS, but it was silky smooth. I checked out the voxel preview and there’s a lot going on there. These new GPU’s are utterly ridiculous! Excited to see what people do with them.

I have an old mac from 2008 with a “new” 7750…

I will not change, till I can afford a proper machine. The machine I have is an absolute dream to develop on, compile times being very low on the ages old 8-core Xeon setup :stuck_out_tongue:

A 980 is almost a thousand dollars here. Need to get my ninja on and earn some money if I am even to consider that…

Interesting how it is the son schooling the father. It is usually the other way round, allthough my grandfather was dead certain that Jews are controlling england, due to Times being Semit backwards:p

@TheJamsh What brand is yours? Gigabyte?

Please anyone record a video using that demo. I only have a GTX 660M.

You can see some in-demo footage, following the link in the OP.

Yes. Like…1-2 seconds? -_-

Youtube is your friend:)

EVGA :smiley:

10 char limit

I have an Inno3D one simply because it was the cheapest one at the time (£420). Just a standard Reference Design.

I used to have a Zotac 560 Ti ‘448 Edition’, which was a great card. Would definitely recommend Zotac!

i hear this runs 20fps on 970. embarrassing.

Prob the reason why we don’t see code for it or for SVOGI.

I’ve got the GTX 980 and it seems like performance is not so good on this demo, haven’t checked the FPS directly though.

Does this makes SVOGI faster?

It has nothing to do with SVOGI, it’s their own solution that uses a lot of similar methods, but should ultimately run a little bit faster than SVOGI.

Inno3D, I got the cheapest one I could when they came out :stuck_out_tongue: Still a reference design like the others though!

Not so sure about that, mines silky smooth, and I haven’t seen any tearing so it’s running at 60+ for me minimum. If anything it just highlights that the hardware is still a long way off being ready to support realtime dynamic GI solutions (you’d never have guessed with everyone harping on about it all the time :p)

I know it’s all in fun, but nobody is going to change their opinion based on a computer sim. If they don’t believe film footage, what in the world makes you think they would believe a computer simulation?.. which is fake by it’s very nature. No ground will be had in this fight with this ammo. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what is taking so long, but it is really hard to find the ASUS 980 STRIX I have been waiting for in Canada, but I can get them in the states… I really want that card though, I’m a huge fan of ASUS products, especially their components. It’s a bit more expensive, an extra &40, but I think its worth it. :slight_smile:

Yeah you have a point there, not only for this, but even with all of the ammo out there it still wouldn’t make a difference, he is very stubborn… :wink: