NVIDIA WaveWorks - HOW to implement into UE4 in 2020??

This is an incredibly broad and probably rookie-ish seeming question but I am going to ask it anyway because, try as I might, I have not been able to find a satisfactory or helpful answer anywhere on the internet to this - and especially none that have been provided in the past 3-4 years.

NVIDIA’s WaveWorks for realistic water physics and buoyancy and wave dynamics looks incredible, and I want to be able to use it in my game. That’s as far as I can get. It seems NVIDIA never provided the instructions on how to implement it into UE4 for use in personal projects even though I believe it’s open source. I know there used to be a Github repository for this but it no longer seems to exist from what I can see. Seems like a waste of some dynamite graphics work to me.

Can somebody please provide an idiot’s guide on how to go from not having NVIDIA WaveWorks integrated into their UE4 engine to having NVIDIA WaveWorks integrated into their UE4 engine? A step by step guide for a dope like me? Assume I am a clueless and dumb son of a gun who needs this spoon-fed to me. If anybody can help me with this, trust me when I say I will be eternally grateful and appreciative. Thanks.

Here -…idia-waveworks (Including NVIDIA WaveWorks and more)

  1. Download, unpack it and open folder via Visual Studio 2017 with installed C++ language.
  2. Run Setup.bat.
  3. Then run GenerateProjectFiles.bat to create project files for the engine.
  4. Load the project into Visual Studio by double-clicking on the UE4.sln file
  5. And make your sure that solution configuration has enabled Development Editor then switch to **Win64 **solution platform if needed.
  6. Now you can compile to binary. After that debug (just launch) via Visual Studio by pressing F5 key.


@Reubnick Have you been able to use the WaveWorksFloatingComponent in Pawns? It seems to work only in BP Actors not Pawns!

I am also having trouble with this. I want to import Waveworks into a existing build of the engine and not have to rebuilt a entirely new (and outdated version based on their GitHub Rep) engine build each time I want to use it.

I am trying to use this download but I am stuck. NVIDIA WaveWorks | NVIDIA Developer

Using Cmake as the readme suggests to but I can’t figure out what to do after I build the project. There’s like no documentation about this supposedly amazing plugin that they’ve created. It’s nothing but a guessing game and that’s not good.

If anyone has gotten this to work with the current version of UE4 4.25, please please please let me know how I can do so. Thanks!

From what I understand, there is not a current update on the Github site for Unreal yet. I want it too…

With chaos and all the effort the epic team is putting into singlelayerwater I honestly doubt you’ll get waveworks support in engine any time soon - unless one of us (community) does it.

Will there be a version of WaveWorks for 4.26? Just curious.

@CorsairOfLight Not likely for reasons listed by @MostHoat LA

Is there a way to take the code provided by NVidia and merge it into Unreal Engine through C++ by yourself?