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Shortly, Is there any link to download Unreal Engine 4 + NVidia VXGI integrated without recompile source code ?

No not at this time, eventually the goal is to turn it into a plugin. But that is a long way away from being able to be realized.

I don’t mean official link from epic games, I hope forum member give me a link :rolleyes:

A link to what? There is no prebuilt version. You have to compile the engine with VXGI integrated. See my signature.

… Here is a screenshot from NVXGI Document to get start integrate VXGI into Unreal Engine:

please, I need some details How I do these steps in Visual Studio 2013 ?

You don’t, those steps are for integrating VXGI from scratch. Integrating into UE4 is much more challenging, lucky for you UE4 already has VXGI integrated by NVIDIA at the following location: https://github.com/NvPhysX/UnrealEngine

You just need to download that version of the engine and compile.

Thanks, I linked GitHub and I’m downloading now Unreal Engine 4.9.1 VXGI :slight_smile:

About VXGI, I have two questions:

1– Is VXGI supported now in Android and iOS devices ?
2– Can I bake VXGI lighting results on the maps using lightmass building lighting ?

  1. No - Not sure if and when it’ll come.
  2. No

Is there another link to Unreal Engine 4 with Enlighten like VXGI ?


It won’t be free like VXGI though, just be prepared for that.

go with geomerics site it can help you for download

Hi, just playing with vxgi, is it possible to get an emissive material inject into the voxel grid, but not appear in the final frame? So it contributes to the scene lighting but doesn’t render basically.

error 404 , everytime i click the link
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