nvidia VXGI

i hope if somebody can upload the VXGI for unreal… the link on Github doesn’t work :confused: (i’m logged in)
this is the link
i am using 4.20
and 4.19

You need to be in the Nvidia GameWorks organization on Github to have access to their repos: Access GameWorks Source on Github | NVIDIA Developer

VXGI after UE version 4.18 requires a 9-series Maxwell gpu or later to run the Diffuse tracing. After messing with VXGI for a while now I would recommend not to use anything past the 4.18 version unless you can merge that one into later engine versions, which would take days of work most likely.

hi, thank you i’ve figured it out and now downloading… found latest for version 4.19…
it’s ok i have 1080ti … :smiley: