NVIDIA Voxel Global Illumintaion VXGI 2.0.1

Hello this is a test with VXGI, my idea is to use this to make videos and images of archviz, this is the closest to DXR for the moments in UE4

dxr working all gpu support but vxgi gtx 6xx not support. this not fair

not even close dxr

Very impresive, I really like it!!!
Can you tell me what version you are using so I can downloard it. I have downloaded and built this one and it looks deferent from the one you are showing. Thanks

Very beautiful!VXGI is indeed one of the best real-time GI solutions at present, but there is still a big gap from RTX. Voxelization is not always ideal in AO generation. It is expected that RTX will appear in version 4.22!

RTX İ hope sooooo 4.22

I think it would be a major change for the videos of the architectural visuals to be able to move the objects or change them. that’s why I’m trying VXGI and I hope that with RTX we can do that too

how i can donlowd it please i sign in and connect my acount but this page its appear
please if you have any solv provide me

Cant find it…have done all the people said, and i still cant find it ?’’

Hey, guys.
Developed light studio setup for Unreal Engine 4.24
Link project: