Nvidia unveils pascal GPU with 16GB memory, 1TB/s bandwith

Hold off on those upgrades people! Nvidia’s Pascal line of GPUs has been shown off and it looks glorious!

Details here - LINK

What are your thoughts on this?

How do you think AMD will react?

Will you buy one one of these cards?

What are your thoughts on the next generation of Nvidia Based mobile hardware?

Dang and I just picked up a Titan X last week! :slight_smile:

This power will come at an eye watering price at first though so I’ll probably consider a Pascal close to the Volta launch. A broader range of Pascals should be available for rock bottom prices when that happens.
I was converted from Radeon to Nvidia a few generations back so will probably stick with them.

I am kind of happy i picked “only” 980ti, this new architecture for me is matter of 2 years or so, but then there will be new one.

These Gpu up to 32GB are for the 2016 4K gaming hype.
Ppl will buy the 16gb one and then a few months later there’s a better gpu 32gb model out there…

I now upgrade GPUs only if I have a real reason to do so; mine is still running UE4 Editor smoothly, I wont buy another one for the next coming years.

I upgraded from a GTX 970 x2 SLI. I realised I made a huge mistake in investing in SLI set up as UE4 doesn’t support it! :frowning:

4K gaming is absolute bliss…when there’s a decent framerate, which my 2 970’s couldn’t even do. I highly recommend it!

Well… I bet those will be too expensive to buy! (For people like me!)