NVIDIA TurfEffects in UE4?

So I just saw this Video of the NVIDIA TurfEffects:

I was wondering if this will come into UE4, since Epic is doing a lot of collaboration with NVIDIA.

On the Website it says it will be available in Early 2015

Seems to me like a really amazing technologie where you can have a lot of fun with and would be definetly amazing to be able to use it inside of UE4 someday in the future :slight_smile:

Awesome…Lets wait and see what Epic has to say about this since they do receive a lot of questions on foliage.

Is it nVidia GPU specific?

If yes, it’ll likely never be in UE4 - at least not by Epic’s hand.

That looks pretty expensive on the performance side… And yes, actually foliage shading sux. I wish they improve translucent materials too which is even more basic than that.

I would like to know if there will be a revamp of the 2d tools. I would like to see as I have stated in other posts a way to create for example cut-out animations inside the editor (unity has this for example). On the other hand a 2d mode would come handy too. We are mainly a 2d team so, this is why we are asking for this things .

I am enjoying the discussion in this forum a lot

I saw it too , but i think, it’s work only with Nvidia card , Unreal Engine work on all graphic card.

Looks awesome.

But… Can it be used with something other than grass ?
Can I make bigger clusters of grass ? As cool as it looks, that grass honestly doesn’t look particularly interesting. No matter how much of it you can render. And I’d rather use my custom texture with alpha to render grass.

Enough said, it still would be miles better than what we have now :D.

Looks nice, but somehow the color of the grass looks weird to me :I Otherwise it would be nice to have…considering we currently have nothing which could compete with that…
I still would like to see a base integration from Epic and the decision to use those things up to the developer himself.
I would assume that many of the GameWorks things actually run on AMD hardware too, but a lot slower than with Nvidia of course, but that’s just speculation from my side.

Most likely NVIDIA GPU only and so won’t make it into UE4 (like a lot of GameWorks stuff).

anyone know if this tech released ? or when it will be ?

I think it’s not gonna make it…

Last I heard, this tech relies heavily on translucency and they were having major issues getting it to work right in UE4. I asked if I could get access to the integration as they had it, but that was a few months ago now.

Hope we see it one day as nvidia game-work really beautiful even all that issue and heavy resource need but in my opnion it worth it and one day we can get an optimized one like the HBAO+ .

This is only good for promo videos.

would any of you release a game that required a Nvidia GPU? I most certainly wouldn’t … imagine the refund requests :frowning: