Nvidia tools!

This is my video showing nvidia tools and other ! (This is not a tutorial!)

That literally isn’t a tutorial, as MrGoatsy said. I read your comments, in which you link someone to an Epic tutorial on building the engine. Sorry, but as of writing there only 7 comments on your showcase video between you and others. Not a hint of tutorial anywhere, outside of the aforementioned link to an Epic tutorial. Not trying to be mean, the showcase is nice (maybe this belongs in Work in Progress?), but sending people off with chores (go back and read comments?) without explaining anything will confuse and irritate people! I’d love to see another tutorial on doing cloth, hair, etc, though. Are you planning on creating tutorials?

Derjyn thank you for your comment
i’m sorry but did not want to be a tutorial and I apologize if I upset someone.
i made a mistake selecting tutorial insted tool (as the title)
so I did not understand why MrGoatsy had commented that way
and then I answered that way thinking he wanted a tutorial
I felt it was a little accusatory.
it was a little misunderstanding.
I want to apologize to you and Mr. Gatsby
and anyone else who has irritated
In fact, I did not understand why the dislikes on video
sorry again(and sorry for my english as well)

Hey, communication is key to a community and language barriers are bound to arise! I wouldn’t last 2 seconds on a Russian forum, haha!

I make a tutorial about this in my youtube channel character from scratch e character customization
4 video check out !