Nvidia Shield test drive ?

I was curious has anyone tested anything out on the Shield since the release of UE4. I finally got around to finishing up my unpacking from GDC ( yes I am lazy don’t judge me!!) , and remember I haven’t had much time to play with dev kit I was given , and UE4 would be interesting to test on it.

I just got my Shield on Friday, and set up the ADB/Tegra packages. Currently trying to figure out the different options for playing - plain “Shield” with the Effects cavern was pretty fail (missing textures, lagging). Trying ATC next.

I abandoned the Effects Cave and cooked up the subway example - quite a bit better, with the exception of the water having a “DS water” effect and the posters missing their textures. I changed a couple settings in my preferences for Android, and will be trying again this week.

Thanks to, I learned that for the Shield, to export using DXT - success! Now, I’m playing with the demo levels, learning what the Android side can and can’t do (i.e. cooking the Cloth demo does not result in moving cloth on the Shield, but that may mean I’ve missed something).

interesting. For some reason Tegra dev kit fails to install on my pc so I will have to wait until i fix this issue.

Any news on the issue from Nvidia Shield owners? Would be nice to know about its compatibility. I’m thinking of getting an Android device for mobile games development, and the Shield seems like a good choice. Maybe somebody could make a YouTube video showcasing how it can run the demo projects?

i found this video: he is using a nexus 4 for the test. If it works on a nexus 4, it works on nvidia shield tablet.