Nvidia RTXGI with too dark areas

Hey guys, I’m testing the Nvidia RTXGI plugin for UE 4.26.2, and I need a little help.
Is it common using SkyLight to “fake” light propagation when GI doesn’t do a proper job? Sometimes there are too dark areas.

I’m working on some scenes and it seems to be too faky when I use SkyLight. What should I need to care about? Any tips, please?

Thanks in advance!

SkyLight is fake and must not affect the world with RTGI AFAIK. It’s just ambient with SSAO. If the scene is too dark, RTXGI is not working correctly for some reason. RTXGI must sample the sky internally.

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Try using a Post Process Volume in the darker areas by modifying color grading, exposure, and/or film settings. Disable Infinite Extent and may need to set the Blend Radius to a small value.

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