NVIDIA Project Sol - Remixed | Ends September 30 at 6:00 PM PST

Our friends at NVIDIA Studio just released Unreal Engine assets from Project Sol - for free! Now, they want you to create something awesome with them. Download the project file, remix them, and share using #SolRemix tagging @NVIDIACreators for a chance to win an RTX Studio laptop and Marketplace credits!

All submissions are due by September 30 at 6:00 PM PST. Winners will be announced on October 15.

Download the Sol assets and see the official rules on the Project Sol official contest page.

cool… new to characters… a few questions for getting started:

  • How can you install the Characters and use it in any project?
  • Are those characters also rigged & skinned ready for mocap data?
  • also possible to get the character rigs in other formats for download - fbx files, etc.?

Hey @BernhardRieder! Here’s a video that walks through how to use the characters in your project: - YouTube. I don’t imagine they’ll be releasing the files in other formats themselves.

I’m very interested in participating this contest.

Just one question.
Do we have to upload our projects as well?

nice… but having troubles with the SOL Characters… I can’t retarget existing fbx animations… does Nvidia or Epic provide also a model or tutorial that explains how to retarget animations from an existing character to the SOL character? I found some stuff about retargeting mixamo animations to the standard Mannequin model. But that doesn’t work with the SOL Rig - the SOL Rig seems to be very customized… or do you guys have a list, that identifies what bone has to be retargeted to the SOL Character Bones?

Can’t wait to start working on this…

I have a video series coming out *soon that will show how to do exactly this, retarget the sol character to the default animations/skeleton, among other things so hopefully that will help =)

EDIT:. Playing with Stuff - Nvidia #solremix - YouTube. A couple videos showcasing taking th characters to a full video and screenshot all using 100% free assets.n this also includes how to retarget to the epic animations/skeleton.

thanks @MathewW - looks very informative.

going to watch even if not submitting.

altho one might still since there’s time

Cool just bought a bunch of assets for my game, going to take a break to do something for this

Are we allowed to use Epics assets as well, such as Robo Recall assets?