Nvidia Physx Full Integration Using It's Source Code?

Hi everyone do any of you know how to fully integrate Nvidia Physx source fully into Unreal Engine 4? Like for example being able to make character clothing inside the engine without having to rely on external software like Nvidia’s Apex Clothing Tool. In case none of you know this but Unity 5 Nvidia Physx has character cloth built in but from what I’ve seen Unreal Engine still requires the use of external software which is stupid considering how long and successful Unreal has been all these years. Don’t know about all of you but I’m sick of having to externally use Apex Clothing Tool when it should be fully integrated inside of Unreal Engine. However I assume that with Nvidia releasing the Physx Engine source code to the Unreal Engine Community there’s way to be able to make physics for character clothing inside of the engine now right? If so how can I implement such a feature using Nvidia Physx source code since I don’t know of any tutorials on even of how to use the source code at all. But if it’s still not possible to avoid using external software for things like character clothing then releasing the source code for the Physx Engine in the first place is pointless if you ask me.

Please can any of you bros verify this for me!? I just want to know the purpose of Nvidia providing us the Physx Engine and it’s source code and is it possible to fully integrate Apex Clothing Tool into Unreal Engine 4. As I said before I’d like to go that route rather than use the Apex Clothing Tool as an external software.