Nvidia PhysX for Maya 2015 (Unreal 4 support)


Pretty new to Unreal 4 engine (last time using it was into version 3 in 2008 >_>…)

First some reference URL if you jump in this thread and need some extra info :

I have to export some PhysX data from Maya 2015.

Following the tutorial below :

But to the video given time, clicking on the “paint” button, nothing occur, no error message, and the following line printed from the console :


[apexClothingPaint2_OnOff] BEGIN
[apexClothingPaint2_OnOff] Clothing GFX LOD Mesh Index: 0
[apexClothingPaint2_OnOff] Clothing GFX LOD Mesh Name: XX_XXXXX_X_XXXXShape
[apexClothingPaint2_OnOff] Ensure mesh parent is selected: |XX_XXXXX_X_XXXXNode_01|grp_MODEL_01|XX_XXXXX_X_XXXX
apexClothing_ShowAllLodMeshes focus on XX_XXXXX_X_XXXXShape
[apexClothingPaint2_MeshInit] BEGIN
AEapexClothing_OverrideFiberUpdate checkbox value = 0

Then I cannot go further and would like to know if missing something…

What I did so far is :

  • to skin the skirt object to some bones (previously created to animated it manually), - apply the PhysX >> APEX Clothing >> Create Clothing.

Also would like to know if there is any other way to setup physic on cloth… Isn’t possible into Unreal engine?..

Thanks for any help and if you have any tips for U4 physic clothing thing…:slight_smile:

I don’t use Maya so I can’t confirm anything there. I’ve used the PhysX DCC plugin with Max 2013 and 2014 no problem. I even have a simple tutorial for the process from Max to Unreal. I’d imagine the process is very similar.

As for a standalone clothing tool there is one included with the PhysX SDK. If you look for the ClothingToolProfile.exe in the folder you’ll find it. I can’t remember the exact file path at the moment. It’s fairly easy to use and is a way for devs to create cloth without Max and maya. You only need import your subdivided mesh that is skinned into the program.

In UE4 there is no way to create a cloth asset like you can a destructible.

I hope this helps!


We are not having any luck with the PhysX, APEX plugin from Maya 2015.

Has anyone got this working? Any update on this would be great.

You may also want to check on the NVIDIA forums to see if there are known issues or resolutions for the DCC Plugin for PhysX with Maya 2015. While there may be users that could possibly help you here you would probably have better luck getting a response about their plugin on their site.

You can try posting here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/

I hope this ends up helping.

Hi Tim

Thanks, I have already posted on the Nvidia forums. They are also talking about Maya 2015 not exporting Apex-Cloth to UE4 on the Polycount threads.