Nvidia physics

Can I use nvidia physics with Unreal Engine 4?

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UE4 already has NVidia PhysX and Apex integrated with it. So yes you can.

The PhysX/Apex implemented is CPU based, right?
Is it still requiring a Nvidia Graphics Card?

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Correct it is CPU based, it does not require an NVidia card

Cool, thanks.

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So if you have a later NVidia card with CUDA support, will PhysX use the GPU?

Hey Whammy,

According to this post from Epic in April, the PhysX implementation in UE4 does not use the GPU at all. See here: PhysX and AMD in UE4 - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

It was also answered (by a different Epic employee, but same answer) on the Unreal AnswerHub as well: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/36308/gpu-physx.html

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I wanted to add some more to this for even more clarification to sum up everything. Madison pointed to a couple of posts on the forums to help out.

This one from James Golding, one of our lead engine programmers posted this in response to a user asking about Nvidia Gameworks in UE4.](Nvidia GameWorks in UE4 - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums)

The point here is that we do not want to exclude anyone from using PhysX or APEX. It’s about having a cross platform solution that benefits everyone! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Morning Tim,

Thanks for that - I hadn’t seen it, it’s good news. I’d love to see some of the GameWorks type simulations (even if they aren’t actually GameWorks) in UE4 so that’s great news.

With Gameworks you would need to license directly from Nvidia to get their plugins. The ability is there to use it in the engine but the plugins are only available from Nvidia.

Using the destructibles and APEX cloth is available. There are some tutorials out there where users have shown it off.

In our Content Examples project you can see some of these in action as well. If you look at the “destructibles” map you’ll see some of that being used. Same goes for the “Cloth” map.

Is there any chance we will see support for using GPU acceleration for PhysX? Makes no sense not having an option for it, as it would definitely run better than the CPU implementation I’m sure, but that CPU implementation should still remain the primary focus for maximum compatibility with people not running nvidia graphics cards.