nvidia Jetson TK1 Dev Kit

I was just curious about whether or not anyone has tried running UE4 on this new board with the Tegra K1 chip. Is it feasible to use this board to create and play UE4 games, or am I grossly misinformed? I understand that this board is meant for robotics and that sort of thing, but I haven`t seen any discussion anywhere about what other capabilities this board has.

I’d say the link you’ve provided is pretty clear. It’s a mobile set that can potentially run UE4 mobile games.

If you’re not sure about why you’d want this kind of hardware, I would avoid it. This is an embedded system dev-kit intended for developers with particular goals in mind.

Thanks ambershee. nvidia has stated that with the Tegra K1 they are bringing the next-gen power of the XBox One and PS4 to mobile devices, so I was wondering whether or not the Jetson TK1 board lines up with those claims, or whether that technology is still in development. So when you say this board can potentially run UE4 Mobile games, its kind of hard to imagine what exactly that means in terms of the quality of presentation and performance. Im not really the type of developer that knows a lot about hardware, which is why I came here. It intrigued me because of its fairly low price point. I guess because its pretty new, I havent yet come across any reviews that stress test hardware with the UE4 Engine, so I thought maybe someone around here might have.

I tried tools so far, not games. But the board is pretty capable.

Just saw this on twitter and now here. :smiley:

What level of Graphical fidelity are you running this at? Is this 2d or 3D?

Just Curious here.

The tools on the screenshot are just our stock tools, compiled for that platform. They use OpenGL 3.2 for their 2D interface - I hope understood correctly what you were asking about :slight_smile: