NVIDIA Hair Works with Animated skinned mesh

does anyone knw how to export nvidia hairworks from maya?
The hairworks doesnt line up with Z- UP axis when imported into UE4(I checked in maya export option as well). In UE4 I rotated the hair 90 degrees and during the jump animation the hair moves way off from the mesh and doesnt sync with the mesh(I also made it child of the skeletalmesh actor in BP)

Hi nexust56!

Do you have spaces in your bone name? UE4 will convert spaces to ‘-’ while you import you character mesh, but hairworks don’t recognize that and can’t find the relevant bone name.

I’ve encounter problem similar to yours in the past few months, and this is the source of my problem back then. Hope this solution helps you too.

This is the link to my solution:


Did you ever solved this?