NVIDIA GPU Not Being Used While Running Unreal Engine

Hey guys, new to UE here. Does anyone know how to integrate NVIDIA GPUs with Unreal Engine? When using the editor and rendering scenes my GPUs aren’t being used at all. Also I have a SLI configuration so using both GPUs would be nice but I would like to be able to use at least one of my GPUs.

Hey ThePieMonster.

There is no need for any ‘integration’ of nvidia GPU’s for UE4 as it just uses them.

If there is a problem with performance and it is not using any of the GPU’s correctly try upgrading the drivers and reinstalling the engine.
If that does not help, try giving more info on your problem.

Also, UE4 does not support SLI. So It will only use one of the cards.

Adding to what 94 said, for you to “render” out your scenes and play in them it needs to use your GPU. Your GPU is still being used, just maybe not at the level you expected?

Run a group of GPU Particle Systems and check usage since they specifically use the GPU for the most part for that added eye candy. Also when using UE4 disable SLI it’s not supported for the editor and I have heard in a couple cases that it actually effected performance.