Nvidia Gameworks?


Just looking for some basic information regarding Nvidia gameworks after reading a little about it and thinking it seems pretty cool.

  1. I don’t see any pricing info on the site, is it free?
  2. Does it tie me to a specific platform after bringing ti into UE4? Will I still be able to deploy to PC, PS4 and XBOX One?
  3. Is there a steep learning curve?
  4. If I bring it in to UE4, will it work with blueprints, or will I have to write my entire game in C++?



You can pretty much answer all that questions by reading the thread here: NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums
The nVidia developers are very actively answering questions there as well. :slight_smile:

Some of them like Turbulence or HairWorks are free, others are licensed. Best solution is to check the link above :slight_smile:

Everything Nvidia puts into the github network Epic created, falls under the UE4 license though. :slight_smile: