nVidia Gameworks Integration

Hello community! It’s my first post here! I dropped by to ask if it is possible/already done to integrate NVidia’s gameworks “products” into unreal engine. I am up for integrating them myself but I want full integration. If I have to integrate myself I will not turn down help :slight_smile:
Anyways thanks in advance and I hope to have an amazing time with this community.

Hi there, and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

NVIDIA is currently implementing GameWorks into UE4 actually, so far they have WaveWorks, Flex, HairWorks, Turbulence, HBAO+, and VXGI.

For more info this thread has all the details you need:

You can download the latest versions from GitHub* here, and then switch to the branch you are looking for:

*You must have a GitHub account linked to your UnrealEngine account (go to unrealengine.com, sign in, go to your account details and enter your GitHub username), and you must currently be signed into GitHub, otherwise the GitHub link will show a 404 error.

Mike Skolones from NVIDIA is the main contact on that thread. Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot ! I would like to help to implement. Just one question. Is the implementation going to be full, as in every single gameworks tech will be integrated into UE4? Anyways, great job so far. Kudos to you guys!

Mike has said in the past that they will be implementing everything they can, and once that is complete try to optimize them to be used with non-cuda based hardware (on AMD using DirectCompute and/or DirectX 12). I haven’t read any of the recent responses to that thread I linked, but I am sure if you were to post your question there you will likely get a better response. :slight_smile:

Try asking here (page 47 of the thread I linked before, scroll down to the bottom): NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Ok thanks :smiley: