NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Hi, I’m sorry to complain, but I have about 75 to 100 errors while building UE4 with Nvidia Physx Flex. I’m using VS2017, with the 2015 toolkit, the Flex branch is 4.19, but I also tried 4.17 and both end up with the same problems. I also tried to build it with vs2015, and still no success. I also tried to build a clean UE4 release version and it builds itself without any error/warning. I have also changed VC++ Directories to inherit from the parent. but it only decreased the number of errors from 150 to 75. I will be super glad if someone would be able to help me with it. Below I print the screen of some errors.


Can you try my branch?…PR-FleX-4.19.2. This branch used to build fine with VS2017 and has build fixes that are not present in the NvPhysX’s branch. I made a PR for the fixes but Nvidia ignored it this time around (they accepted some similar PR I sent earlier), I’m guessing relevant people are just not following the PR’s at all.

There’s also 4.21 port here: (credit to trashbyte for the 4.21 fixes).

Is there any news about Physx4 in UE4?

Btw, tried the isaac sim mentioned above, it comes with PhysX 4 instead of 3. So I built the engine (without the demo itself) and changed the solver to the new TGS solver, and it works.
Well, it’s kinda unstable, but it solves constraints much better at first glance

Check the video here:…46388760207360

@WindyStrife - Did you find a workaround ?

any person update hairworks in 4.24

If it doesn’t have to be HairWorks specifically, have you tried TressFX? TressFX Hair For Unreal [Release, Open Source] - Unreal Engine Forums
I think their version is based on 4.23 atm.

we download branch and compile visual studio 2019 but error we try other branch 4.24 or 4.23 but visual studio 2019 every time error any idea

I managed to build their TressFX integration but the engine is still a bit unstable and I think it has something to do with Tressfx shader and Planar Reflection activated, I’m still trying to figure it out. Visually, Hairworks still looks and performs better than TressFX on my rig. Hopefully someone will manage to port Hairworks to 4.23 or 4.24.

I would be forever grateful! :smiley:

I managed to successfully build their TressFX integration with Visual Studio 2017. Have you tried building it with this version? :slight_smile:

hairworks look realistic

hello everybody !! are there any updated on whether if and when we’ll see Gameworks in 4.23 ??
I’m itchyyy

It would be great if someone WOuld be get HBAO, working on 4.24 too, iw as trying but i have Compile errors :I

I think the most lack of hairworks is it seems doesn’t support tranceparent. TressFX has a soft look, it can run 90 FPS for 1 hair model in my GTX 1050 CARD.
Maybe the new hair component in version 4.24 will have a wonderful solution.


4.24 hairworks is the best IMO

Hi, is there any waveworks 4.24.1?

Hi everyone,

For our senior project, we requested a new version of WaveWorks. Therefore, we need to integrate the new version to one of the Unreal Engine versions.
We would like to know how to do it.
Can someone walkthrough us?

Many thanks,
Kaan Taha Koken
METU - Computer Engineering

help me please, I did everything according to the instructions but when I open the page I get an error pops out help !!!

Do you have a link to the TressFX integration used here?

Why ALL of the GitHub links is 404? Can someone actually post a 4.23.1???