NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Hey guys, new to UE here. Does anyone know how to integrate NVIDIA GPUs with Unreal Engine? When using the editor and rendering scenes my GPUs aren’t being used at all. Also I have a SLI configuration so using both GPUs would be nice but I would like to be able to use at least one of my GPUs.


Alrighty, the GDC announcements have me frickin’ salivating.

My biggest question is, with UE4 most likely not integrating the full gameworks package in the near future (tell me if I’m wrong, I’d be thrilled) is there going to be any possibility of NVIDIA releasing a branch with the full gameworks package? I’ve built VRWorks, VXGI, and am about to do volumetric lighting, but I want all the things! For chrissake can’t we get a “GameWorks” branch? So much cool, but we have to use it piecemeal?

Also, anything on Turf Effects (my precious…)?

We have three technologies which seemingly do the same thing. Turbulence, Flex and Flow (and somewhere on the road was FlameWorks).
One difference I can see is that Felx and Turbulence are particle based, while Flow is Voxel Grid.
My questions is, how do they really differ ? I mean can in theory do flame simulation in Flex.
Does Turbulence is superseeded by Flex (in terms of functionality) ?

Flex is particle based, Flow is voxel based. By its nature, Flow is better for things like smoke/fire because of it, while Flex is better for something like water. I think Flameworks was replaced with Flow, same as how GI Works was replaced with VXGI.
I’m not sure why Turbulence was added, since most of its functionality is a part of GPU particles as a native engine feature. It’s always good to have options though I guess.

is there any plan for integrating FLEX,VXGI,Volumetric Lighting in one branch?

VXGI/Flex/HairWorks/HBAO+ on 4.14.3 available here:

Working on 4.15 integration with added volumetrics, not quite sure i’ll share this one just yet :3

thank you there any plan for add volumetric Lighting to this branch?

Shouldn’t be hard to add the Volumetric shadows from the 4.14.3 branch to it. I’m busy going for VXGI/Flex/Hairworks/Volum. on 4.15 and from time to time working on my game, right now lol.

i cant wait for your branch.we make an animation TV series with VXGI 4.13 . ScreenShot :
our clothing solution is apex and we simulate volumetric lighting with some marketplace is so will be great if we can use flex instead of apex and volumetric lighting from your branch .

Looks fantastic !

Could someone share a link of 1, one, single game commercially published that makes use of VXGI, Flex and etc?!

Can’t wait to play with flow :smiley:

Rise of the Tomb Raider has VXAO, which is just VXGI with the GI cut out.

Killing Floor 2 uses Flex for blood effects.

Plus, there are Fallout 4 (weapon debris), Dangerous Golf (fluids) and Bubble Lands (VR playground)

Not to mention commercial plug-ins for VFX, like Lucid Physics for 3ds Max or UniFlex for Cinema 4D :slight_smile:

Thanks; but why did they use TressFX instead of NVidia’s hair I wonder…

Thanks for sharing, saya akan belajar tentang ini. :slight_smile:

Well, since the prior game used it as well, it was probably just artist’s choice since they already knew how it works. Plus since the first Tomb Raider game in the reboot series had it, I’m sure AMD made a push for the sequel having it as well.

VXGI+Volumetric Light

(not shown but it’s the build with also Flex/Hairworks/HBAO)

do you have any plan for sharing this?

UE4.13.2 and VXGI in our Animation series: