NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

I’m hoping that by UE4 v4.15 there will not only be VXGI again, but that also we can have a merged branch of several other Nvidia solutions.

I would like to see in one solution:
HFTS/Shadow Library
Nvidia’s Volumetric Lighting

That is my ideal project setup that I would love to work off of. I’d try doing it myself and merging it in but I’m still trying to get a thorough understanding of all the in’s and out’s of UE4.

BTW, definitely check through various console settings with VXGI when using it. For example up until today I was thinking VXGI was too expensive even for an area like “Realistic Rendering”; it turns out I simply hadn’t changed map size to 64 :stuck_out_tongue: On top of that, 4 cones instead of 8 can really help.

Is possible to use FleX in Unreal on an Android device?
Thank you.

I definitly support this idea. HFTS and PCSS have been used in multiple games like The Division and Watch Dogs 2. And volumetric lighting has been integrated in Fallout.
VXGI does a great job making realistic indirect lighting and shadow. However, in UE4, there is no good direct lighting solution to achieve soft cast shadow. CSM just doesn’t have it. I did try the combination of VXGI and distance field soft shadow.
The result was not good and VXGI with distance field shadow appeared more flattened and desaturated. We love to see HFTS and PSCC to to integrated into UE4 since their stablility over traditional CSM.
For volumetric lighting, it definitly is better than faking the effect with a plane in UE4. And if you are to build a dynamic scene, the volumetric lighting will help it greatly.

Yeah, I’m finding I’m really needing this, and I don’t know if Nvidia plans to do anything along these lines. I’d need to check with Nvidia to make sure I set up a branch properly so I don’t violate anything, but if I get the ok I might take a stab at integration. But, I’m a beginning programmer and UE4 has a complex system, so don’t hold your breath.

Glad to hear that. Our team are trying to use distance field soft shadow but there are too many limits of it…We do need those technology from Nvidia.

If anyone could merge the VXGI 4.14.3 branch with the 4.13 turbulence, the latest Flex and hairwork, she or he, would be my hero. Period. :smiley:

When I enable VXAO, VXGI Specular turns off. Is it a bug or it is supposed to work that way?
Is it neccessary to run the command to enable AO each time?

I’m trying to get Flex and VXGI working on 4.14.3 before the end of today, Paris time, gonna be tough, i struggle a bit, got a couple errors to fix.

Any plans for Flex/ Turbulence update to 4.14/4.15 ?

Can we use the FLIP solver from Cataclysm for commercial purposes?

The next public Flex UE4 integration release will coincide with the Flex 1.1 release at GDC. In the meantime we are running a closed beta for Flex 1.1 + UE4.14.3, please contact and ask to be included in the beta.

Great news! Thanks Miles, just sent an email. :smiley:

@Miles.Macklin Thanks again, i managed to merge VXGI, Flex and HairWorks, would love to add even more.

Is there any planned support for Turbulence, as there’s been some particle upgrade and some stuff deprecated with PhysX 3.4, i haven’t dive too much into it to understand the implications for other Nvidia packages.
Or will we be able to have access to Flow, Flameworks, or some other fancy package? I want them all :rolleyes:

On a side note, i need the best smoke possible for my current game project.

Thanks again !

Hi xenthor, are you willing to share your code integration, that video is impressive, nice work.

Hi, I had some trouble with this first myself:
You open a git shell and clone as in step 1, in step 2 you only need to run setup.bat, don’t compile the engine just yet. In step 3 you go back to your git shell and type the command to go to the flex branch. Then again in the git shell type the command from step 4. Then in step 5 you generate the projectfiles and compile the engine, dot NOT run setup.bat again since it will override some of the flex files.
If this does not work, it might be because the master branch on the gameworks github has been updated to 4.13.2 with hairworks??

I will once Flex 1.1 is released. It’s only in limited access right now and i can’t distribute it.

Any chance you’d be able to add Nvidia’s volumetric lighting as well? I’m dying for this and shadow works to be added. I tried adding it but UE4 is a complex engine, I can’t get my head around it yet.

If it comes down to it I might be willing to pay someone to integrate it, if it takes that for someone to do it.

i would love volumetric lightning but starting implementing it from scratch would be really time consuming.

This is one way I hope UE4 gets improved: make it easier for people to mess with the graphics. As it currently stands UE4 is complex enough that not only is it time-consuming, it’s also difficult. I’m starting to think to get what I need I might be better off making my own game engine from scratch.

Putting my whining aside from the moment, I’m starting to wonder more about traditional baked lighting and re-read this “It is theoretically possible to use VXGI cone tracing to bake light maps, but such feature is not implemented”. I know it’s said it would just decrease compile times, but I’m wondering if perhaps it would also bake some of that nice juicy GI into the level as well. Has anyone given it a try? If not I might.


Does anyone know WHAT IS THIS ERROR??!?! pls!