NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Flow is a new library for performing grid-based fluid simulation, Flex remains a standalone library (separate from PhysX) for particle based dynamics. We will maintain UE4 integrations for both libraries, as they are designed to complement each other.

From Flex’s point of view this is quite possible - however there is currently no mechanism to author these types of cloth-cloth attachments in UE4.

Will the VXAO and Volumetric Lighting be integrated into Unreal ?

Not sure about VXAO, but volumetric lighting is in their “to do” list Trello

Yeah since 2 years ago :rolleyes:

Well, guys from Ninja Theory (very small team) write their own volumetrics for Hellblade, so it doesn’t looks like a super hard task

Yeah, but you also have to maintain it. Would be nice, to just have it in mainline engine version.

100%, with other ordinary things, like water shader (+ better reflections on translucent), adequate AA without ghosting… should be enough to make 50% of engine customers happy. This and dynamic GI will make happy 99% of them… (considering rendering only)

Will there be VS2015 support added to the current 4.10 build or is that going to be coming with the 4.11 VXGI branch?

Hi I am using Hairworks 1.1.1-62, Windows10. I am unable to run the fur viewer, both the 32 and 64 bit versions. If I double click FurViewer.exe there seems to be some activity and then nothing happens. No error messages either.

The Sample viewers work as does the nVidia Gameworks branch of the Unreal Engine. I have exported hair APX out of 3DSMAX and imported into UE4. Only the FurViewer executables dont start up…
Also tried installing the DirectX 2010 runtime.

Any suggestions ?


Isn’t VXAO already part of VXGI? As I understood things from Alexey on this, it’s just the ambient term of VXGI which you can access/isolate by enabling r.VXGI.AmbientOcclusionMode 1 via console.


Anybody else having problems reaching the Gameworks github? I keep getting “Page Not Found” on this URL:

No problem here, i can access it without any issue. :confused:

Wrong log in from me. Thanks!

Np, yw! :rolleyes:

Huge thanks to Galaxy Man and the NV team for getting all of this tech into the Unreal Engine!

I’ve built the Galaxy Man branch and then pulled in the sample level from the NV-official branch. I’ve noticed 3 problems:

  1. In the translucent surface material, there’s a broken node labeled “unspecified function”.
  2. My water renders as squares.
  3. The NV documentation says that the blend mode material used for the particles should be set to masked, however it must be translucent to use the scene color.

Are these related problems? Any solutions so far?

If there are answers to any of these questions already, please let me know. It would be nice to have a better home for all this info than 70 pages of forum posts :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I wanted to know if it’s possible to get interactive smoke using FLEX in UE4 (GalaxyMan’s build). Similar to the smoke in Arkham Knight and in the FLEX demo video

I’m not concerned about real time performance here, will be rendering out a video for the final product.

Would also love to know wether Volumetric Lightning will be integrated anytime soon :slight_smile:

Yes, it is: (see the details at the bottom of the page):

thank you for clearing this up.

i tried chesires console command and it works great.
the look is fantastic.

are there any values one could tweak?