Nvidia gameworks flex fluid + blast use problem

hi i I try to use flex fluid with blast after download the MaximeDup’s version

tuto :UE4 Nvidia Gameworks and Substance Part 1 Intros Accounts and Downloads - YouTube
version :https://github.com/MaximeDup/UnrealEngine

i use the 4.17.2
flex and blast work properly separately if I use a mesh flex and a mesh blast it works also but if I try to use a “blast mesh” with a “flex fluid” I use “block all” in collsion preset for them “dynamic collision chunk” or “collision”
but the fluid is never retained I use everything the possible combination but same result

is there something more to do?

I am looking to achieve this example at 1min 05

for now i fake the comportement with a mesh oveloap detroy at begin completly transparent the blast is just for impressive …
if you find out how to do it with the blast I’m interested