NVidia Gameworks features all included as plugins in the official UE4?


I would like to start a multiplayer project with a lot of destruction (like in Crackdown 3) and water physics (fluid simulation to manage how a ship sinks, and waveworks for photorealistic sea).
The problem is that (tell me if I’m wrong), UE4 includes PhysX APEX as a plugin, but not Blast that is better than APEX. And UE4 doesn’t include other Gameworks features in the official version. So I tried to DL and install the NVidia’s UE4 fork (Blast 4.18) but I encountered 2 problems :

  • You can see the 1st problem on the screenshot. It’s happening when I’m following the steps to compile the fork. Idk how to solve this.

  • The 2nd problem is that there is a different fork for every NVidia Gameworks feature? (https://github.com/NvPhysX/UnrealEngine) There is no version with all the features included? Then how can I use Blast, Flex and Gameworks in the same engine and project?

To have all these NVidia features as plugins in the market or already included in the official UE4 would be great! And to add blueprints for them.

(Note : I could make destruction with APEX too, but Blast has better performances, and more important, Blast has a stress solver to break structures. Not APEX. Or I missed something?)

Thanks for help!