Nvidia Flow Issue: /Script/NvFlow not found


I’m trying to integrate Nvidia Flow 14.9 to my UE4 4.19.2 Project and I keep coming up with these errors: I’ve attached a screenshot of the issues below. I’m following this tutorial to set it up from Github UE4 Compiling Engine from source tutorial(for nvidia gameworks/custom engine builds) - YouTube and when they do it, they can run the sample scenes after they build it in Visual Studio. When I open the sample project, I can’t see the simple flame working and the message log says I’m missing assets. The only thing I could think I’m doing differently than the person in the video is that we used different versions of UE4, they’re on 4.17.1 and I’m on 4.19.2 but I tried 4.17.1 and that also says it’s missing. Where can I find these missing assets?

Please let me know if I’m not being specific enough, I’m new to UE4 :slight_smile: Thank you