Nvidia Flex Soft Bodies

Hello i want to ask is NVIDIA FLEX gonna be integrated with next update of the engine?
Or do we gonna get something for making soft body?
Or can any body tell me is there a way to make soft deformable tire like in spin tires i making farming game and it will be nice to have something like this?
Yes i know there was many of question of this type but i cannot find nothing.
Ive only found something about that “TENDR” but cant get it to work.
UE4 is a great engine but its very dissapointing that he dont get any sort of Soft bodies.

Anyone? Anything?

You can use this branch:

ok ive got it already installed and working fine. Now i must figure it out how to make soft bodies. :slight_smile:

Hello ,do u figure out how to make soft bodies ?I want to make a bow


I want use flexible mesh in game and for this I want use Flex of Nvidia. I has tried to integrate this https://github.com/NvPhysX/UnrealEngine/tree/FleX in the UE4.10 but This is not the web page.

I need help.

Thanks you.