NVIDIA Driver Warning

When launching UE4 v4.12.0 a warning appears twice. Once when the editor is initiated and another after a project is selected:

WARNING: Known issues with graphics …
Your NVIDIA graphics driver has known issues.
Please update to the latest driver version.
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800
361.75 is recommended
341.95 is installed

I’ve tried updating through the Device Manager, through NVIDIA’s website and even locally with a downloaded copy of the driver. But all attempts to install the new driver have failed stating the current driver is the best one. If I can’t update the driver, is there a way to disable this warning?

Windows 7 (bootcamped on a 2009 MacPro Tower)

I have the same problem on an older laptop that I use to simulate network play. Is there a way to disable this?

I also have the same issue and would like to disable the message, the drivers for my video card (the gts250) stopped at version 341.95 as far as I know.

Your GPU is not supported, even with current drivers.

Thanks for your reply, The card I have installed does work decently but without the gts250 the onboard Intel HD graphics can’t handle anything, I do appreciate the concern its just the gts250 is the only option I have right now to work with.