NVidia driver crashes

Shortly after I join a game and map is loaded, I can play around 1-2 minutes before my game crashes and i get message that graphics driver crashed and game is now exiting.

Already tried installing latest drivers, older drivers, reinstalled all drivers, reduced gpu clock a bit.
Driver: Nvidia 355.83 whql
CPU: i5-2500k
GPU: NVidia GTX 760 OC 2GB
HDD: 500GB WD 7200rpm
OS: Windows 7 64bit

solved. go to nvidia system panel and select “always maximum performance” in 3 section

Hello RiuroS,

I think I have same issue but I’m not sure which settings you’re referring to in Nvidia system panel.
Is it possible to have more details please ?

sorry i was referring to 3d section. it worked for yesterday but today, again same issue, so threat not closed -.-
but there is also not a single dev member giving a normal answer to this issue, everybody is directing me to another forum

What game are you referring to? Is this a problem with Unreal Editor 4, or Unreal Tournament?

Im referring to unreal tournament 4. I dont know if this is a problem with game or driver but it only appears in ut4. Thanks for your reply

Which forums have you tried? best place to post questions specific to Unreal Tournament is UT forums here. reason is that answerhub is geared towards bugs and questions related to Unreal Engine, not any specific games. We do answer what questions we can here, however best possible solutions for Unreal Tournament will probably be found on UT forums. If you have a UT Editor question it can be answered either on forums or answerhub, however it is still preferable to keep them on UT forums in bug reports>UT Editor section found here as we have UT specific staff that checks into that section.

Having said that I’m more than happy to try to help you. Can you post a copy of your dxdiag here? Additionally what specific actions are you taking before this crash occurs? If you open your task manager, do you see any spike in amount of memory being used by game?

Additionally, can you post your logs here? They can be found at UnrealTournament\Saved\logs\ in filepath that you saved game to. Finally, try deleting your saved folder in same filepath and try again, do you see same crash occurring?

Hi RiuroS,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with requested information.