Nvidia Codeworks Access Denied

Hello I installed Nvidia Codeworks 1R5 and installed the packages under the STANDARD option.
However just when it is about to install api packages
it gave me this error:

<destination folder>\android-5.0.1 unable to rename to <destination folder>\android-21 access denied

May I know what are the fixes to this? I tried with Nvidia Codeworks 1R4 and it did not work to.

P.S: I have Android SDK manager (from Google direct) installed, does that affect?


bump, need to know this, got it on the android NDK

On which operating system did you experience this issue?

same issue win 10 64 bit

I had the same problem.

Win 10 64 bit

I was able to resolve it by renaming the folder manually and removing the read-only option from it on windows.

Turning off UAC has helped some folders.

Expect to take the mistake.

Go to [Your Directory]: \ NVPACK \ android-sdk-windows \ platforms

Rename the folder that has the version of android (example: android-4.0.2) to the name it is trying to rename and can not

Remove the read-only permission on windows

Start the installation again.


I hope I have helped.