NVidia ClothFX for character skin "deformation"?

Wondering if anyone would have any input on this? I’m sure it would work, but would it work as I imagine it would? I should also mention that the reason for this is beyond just bone deformations.

Soo are you trying to simulate muscle sliding underneath skin with moveable collision capsules and stuff like that? Or could you elaborate what exactly you refer to when saying “beyond just bone deformations”?
Im sure it would work, but the costs of setting it up, maintaining it and its reusability are a little unknown to me. I presume it wouldnt be worth the trouble by todays standards. Unless a very very specialized case where an effect like this is vital for the visual appeal. Its much easier to do something like that in maya and then bake that stuff to bone deformation. There are plenty of ways that can be achieved and baked to game ready bone mechanics.

You have an idea already in mind? let me know

Someone’s (the player’s) skin being torn / ripped apart

Hmmm I like the sound of it, Im not sure if that can be done out of the box. Does the nvidia clothfx support surface tearing?
A good reference I think would be the scene where Kratos rips the sun gods head off, that looked pretty cool but Im unsure how they did it.
I guess that could be solved with morphs until a specific point, and then have a cloth sim kick in once the skin is separated.