NVIDIA Cataclysm Realtime Liquid Solver

Thought this was awesome. There’s a GitHub build for UE4 here: https://github.com/NvPhysX/UnrealEngine/tree/CataclysmDemo

Looks very promising, but how does this cope within practical productions, performance in a scene vs other issues, how about compatibility with consoles ps4 xbox etc…?

Ooh ooh!

That’s COOL :slight_smile:

I would really love to see this expanded upon. Water, slime, lava, smoke, etc. It would be incredible to have the kind of versatility in a realtime engine that we normally would for something like Maya/Houdini dynamics. I know the CryENGINE V has something of a smoke simulation ( DOCUMENTATION | CRYENGINE 3 | Particles | GPU Fluid Dynamics - YouTube ), I wonder how far off this would be from being able to do something like that (with the 2 million particles that Cataclysm is able to simulate, shouldn’t be difficult to get a result that looks really good if the controls for it are there). Throw on some material magic and you could possibly get an actual (basic) fire sim going.

Good stuff.

How does it compare with Nvidia’s other fluid solvers?

Basically, trying to get more than 250k particles + Diffuse particles working in FLEX on a Titan X was a challenge, Cataclysm can easily do 2 million particles + Diffuse particles at over 60fps on a Titan X, so much, much better, however it does not have the same interaction as FLEX, ie. I cannot have objects interact with the fluid and float, etc. yet.

Anyone else having issues on source builds and DF? For me, it hasn’t worked on any of my builds on 4.12.x. Cataclysm branch makes no difference to me there either. It works on binary releases just fine.

One way to quickly verify this is to check the DF visualizers, this is how it should look (screenshot from 4.11 binary build, but it works on 4.12 binary as well):

on any 4.12 built from source:

Any suggestions where I should start debugging this? I can’t test Cataclysm as particle collision on DF is practically frozen on my builds.

Working fine here on my custom 4.12.5 build. Looks like the first screenshot.

I am doing exactly this:

But there is nothing coming out of the emitter. Would it be possible for someone to upload a small project with just a water emitting emitter in it so I can see if I am doing something wrong or if something is wrong with my build. It would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I had to up the spawn amount to like 2 million, and still it was not continuous, and they had a very limited lifespan, I am awaiting an email back from one of the devs that will hopefully either contain a test project, or settings on how to setup something similar to the youtube video

Very cool, makes me more disappointed in the performance of Particle Flow in 3ds Max.

They have a different fluid sim for smoke/fire/dust, I think it’s called Flameworks, don’t think they have a UE4 integration yet though.

Actually FLOW has superseded FlameWorks, for smoke/fire/liquid simulations. As written on the NVIDIA Developer website

But no UE4 integration of that either, altho it only recently went into beta.

Particle Flow in 3ds max is based on old tech core People are still waiting for Autodesk to make it multi-threaded to start with let alone anything else. You have to thank thinking particles and other plugs for keeping max alive and kicking.

Is it just me or are those links missing now?

Yup! Both links missing, can’t find anything on this anymore

Nope all links are fine. For the github one, you need to be logged into your github account and it needs to be linked to your Epic account. Refer to Unreal Engine on GitHub - Unreal Engine

ahh cool would be awesome if you tell us here when you got a respond.

Btw I tested your merge build and it is also looking like this for me.

That’s awesome, has someone here integrated it into UE project? :slight_smile: If so, how’s the performance?

Did you enable mesh distance fields in the project settings? As I can verify that distance fields are working in my build, for me at least.

Yes, but I am not getting the same results as the youtube video, awaiting NVIDIAs response.