Nvidia Ansel Support


With Paragon and Unreal Tournament supporting Nvidia’s new Ansel ingame screenshot tech, will this come to unreal engine for us all, or does it require per game licencing?

Also quite interested in this as an easier way to export out 360 video from a game without running it through sequencer or matinee

I would also like to know.

Unreal just posted a 360 video on their youtube. I’m hoping this becomes integrated pretty easily

There is great tutorial from the creators of the video, but make sure you set up a ‘Blueprint’ and use this command line command: -usefixedtimestep -fps= Other wise your video will not stay in sync and your frames will not be captured properly. I working on several but this is what you can expect to get out of it. This was from the Unreal Engine Project demo “Infiltrator” from the City level. If you saw the cinematics this should look familiar to you. Currently this is only a few frames with a still of the city. But if you noticed this is a true 4320s 8K YouTube stereo spherical 360. Sadly mobile YouTube does not support 8K.

We can take 360 images now with Ansel from within Unreal Engine, but is it possible to somehow assign a Camerapath to make a 360-Video?

I would love to know that too.

Ansel doesn’t export 360 video, just images. You can enable it in your game very easily just switch on the plugin and enable it

Thank you, i know how to take simple screenshots with Ansel. I just thought maybe there is a way to take image sequences from a camera, so that later we can convert to 360-Video…


It seems that Ansel can take very nice 360 screenshots, but when i’m trying to snap stereoscopic 360 screenshot, there’s lots of problems with stitching.

Any tips how to fix stitching problems?