Nvidia 3D Vision

There is support for Nvidia 3d vision (as far as I know, there was in UE3)?

I’d be interested in this as well.

When I tried with the 3D glasses it was all sorts of messed up (different effects in each eye).

Though, I didn’t dig too deep into the settings, so maybe I missed something obvious.

Nvidia 3D Vision needs a profile for each game that uses it, which is why it’s not necessarily a default for the engine. You can try changing the .exe file to some game that already exists that uses 3D Vision and see what the results are.

As using compatibility mode with nvidia inspector?

Alien Isolations shows spectacular using it.

So then is possible to use it!. Great!.

By the way, where are the options to enable 3d vision in Ue4? (Sorry, I’ve started just a few days ago).

There’s no option in UE4 for that

If you want to test, you can package your game, and then change your .exe file to the same name as an existing game that already has an Nvidia 3D Vision profile and when you start it it will try and use those settings.

I see.

So, then, how can we create a proper nvidia 3d vision profile to fit our project perfectly? (instead of use the profile of another game). Is about some nvidia tool?. I’d need to ask in nvidia developers forum, I guess, right?

You need to contact Nvidia about adding the support for your game, ultimately the 3D vision profiles get added to the 3D vision installer.

Ok, thanks for your answers darthviper107!, very kind, thank you so much.

adding game to the last game that has the excellent 3dvision support (gta5) using nvidia inspector didnt helped at all. Guys at helixmod have fixed SSF5 pretty quickly and its awesome in 3d, hopefully somebody will fix this title too, although I believe there will be quite a bit of updates for this game so Im not sure if they woudl like to try and fix it now as more often than not, updates could possibly break a fix (aka the new TR).